Ellerslie Flower Show - Silver Distinction

"The Modern Day Moa"

Press Release: Ellerslie International Flower Show

The moa is making a comeback at the Ellerslie International Flower Show.

Three of the giant flightless birds will feature in the exhibition garden of award-winning Auckland landscapers Adam Shuter and Tony Murrell.

Made out of driftwood by a Taumarunui-based wood sculptor, the largest of the family of birds stands about 3 metres tall while the smallest is about 1.8 metres.

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Magical modern day moa

Christo Saggers - Marlborough Express

So what were the highlights for me and who deserves a mention? Well let's start with gardens that were on show. Juxtaposed to the judges' decisions there really was only one standout garden for me and, from what I could tell from the hordes of visitors that congregated at the garden, for the public - Modern Day Moa!

For me this garden was ingenious, interesting and the prime piece of Ellerslie real estate. Well done Adam, Tony and the crew!
Christo Saggers

This was one of the few non-Christchurch rebuild related gardens and it was one of the few realistic gardens that could ever evolve from showpiece to real garden. The planting effects were fantastic.

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Photo - Diana Vaitkeviciene